Jennifer Falck Linssen

15jl Lucent, Jennifer Falck Linssen, Katagami-style handcarved archival cotton paper aluminum, waxed linen, mica, paint and varnish, 51” x 16” x 6”, 2017, $4,600

Jennifer Falck Linssen

13jl Undone, Jennifer Falck Linssen Katagami-style handcarved paper and metal, archival cotton paper, aluminum paint, waxed linen and varnish, 25″ x 27.5″ x 9″, 2014

Jennifer Falck Linssen

9jl Arezzo, Jennifer Falck Linssen
Katagami-style handcarved archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, paint, and varnish,
6.5" x 30" x 9", 2011, $2,700

Grethe Wittrock

14jl Insight, Jennifer Falck Linssen
Katagami-style handcarved cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen paint and varnish
66” x 18.5” x 6”, 2016, $4,200

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Jennifer Falck Linssen

6jl Envelop, Jennifer Falck Linssen, Katagami-style handcarved paper sculpture with stitching. archival cotton paper, aluminum, coated copper wire, waxed linen, stainless steel, paint, and varnish, 23.25" x 11.5" x 5", 2010, $2,900

Jennifer Falck Linssen

1jl Waltz, Jennifer Falck Linssen, archival cotton paper, waxed linen, coated copper wire, aluminum, stainless steel, seagrass, paint, and varnish, (katagami-style handcarved paper.), 16” x 14” x 4”, 2008, $2,500 (on hold)

Jennifer Falck Linssen

4jl Enfold, Jennifer Falck Linssen, handcrafted vessel of katagami-style handcarved paper. Materials include archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, paint, varnish, freshwater pearl, and sterling silver, 5.5" x 20" x 3", 2008, $2,400
photo by Jennifer Falck Linssen

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, (permanent collection); Longmont Museum, Longmont, Colorado (Jennifer Falck Linssen: Beyond Katagami, solo exhibition); Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, California (Contemporary Katagami: Works by Jennifer Falck Linsse, solo exhibition); Museum of Craft & Folk Art, San Francisco, California (The Shape of Things: Paper Traditions and Transformations); Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado (Drawing With a Knife); Arts Incubator, Kansas City, Missouri (How to See the Forest for the Trees); Textile Center Of Minnesota, Minneapolis (Web and Flow); the Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (Beyond Fiber: New Forms, Alice Zrebiec juror); Wichita Center for the Arts, Kansas; Illinois Central College, East Peoria, Illinois (solo exhibition); Hope College, Holland, Michigan (solo exhibition 2010); Springfield Art Museum, Missouri (solo exhibition 2010).

Jennifer Falck Linssen  detail

2jl Detail Comfort

LongmI create sculptures in handcarved paper, metal and natural woven elements, through which I explore the delicacy of nature, the beauty of line, and the transformation of light and space. Through investigation of both natural and man-made patterns, I seek to understand how pattern lends overall strength to an object, for example, the veining in plant leaves, the structure of a moth’s wing, or the crystal formation of snowflakes. The interaction of light, carved patterns and shifting shadows play with the architectural shape, sculpting an ever-changing landscape in space around each piece.

Katagami, the ancient Japanese paper carving skill I use to create my sculpture, connects me with the past just as each paper bridge or link in my work connects to form a solid, yet open, structure. I bridge the gap between our own human scale, the minute and intimate, and the vast and grand by freezing a moment in time, immortalizing it in pattern, light, and shadow. Through these moments, I am comforted in seeing humanity reflected in nature’s change, rebirth, resiliency, and endurance.